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Writing has been an integral part of my life for as long as I can remember.  I am a chaser of light, a stalker of beauty, a lover of the ephemeral blooms of the eternal, a diver to the underworld, a moth to the flame of truth, a child at play in the deep woods.  My writing is not only a conversation with my own soul, but with the Global Soul as well. Through my dance with words, I discover my deepest longings, god-wrestle with suffering, dream new dreams, and unfold the origami of my heart. Poems are make-shift life-rafts for passage~our stories wild seeds that break open in the fire, releasing butterflies. It is a beautiful and impossible task to fully speak to our human experience~to the grit and grace of our unique journeys.   May we have the courage to meet our impossible tasks and discover our exquisite destinies~to unwrap the gifts of this embodied Life, plunge our hands in the good, rich soils, and bring our whole selves to this wild encounter with all that is.


Over the last years, I have shared my writing in literary journals, magazines, books, blogs, poetry readings, multi-media shows (Art of Healing), websites, workshops, retreats and community celebrations. I write for many different audiences and enjoy exercising the full range of my writing voice. You can find samples of my work in the Poetry and Non-Fiction sections of this site, on my blog Soul Passages, as well as on The Colorado Poets Center site.  I am currently completing a collection of poems and a book on personal and collective rites of passage, with the working title of Blooming in the Dark. 

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