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Lifting the Veils: Walking in your True Beauty

Illness as Initiation

SoulFire:Remembering our Wild Selves

Threshold Passages

Women's Leadership


Journey to Ecuador through Pachamama Alliance 






My work is informed by:

  • the work of Rachael Kessler and the PassageWorks Institute

  • council practice as taught by the Center for Council & the Ojai Foundation (certified levels 1-3)

  • trainings in healing modalities-including integrative massage(certified), Reiki (Levels 1, 2, 3), Healing Touch (levels 1-3), extensive shamanic training & journey work

  • Rites of Passage approaches to transformation

  • community-based ceremonial work 

  • my poetry and writing mentors: Marilyn Krysl, Lucia Berlin, Mark Irwin, Lorna de Cervantes

  • embodiment & dance practices~5 Rhythms, Soul Motion & Authentic Movement 

  • the land based work of School of Lost Borders (in particular the Practice of Living & Dying

  • Truthtelling Practice~a practice co-developed by a circle of women for circles of women)

  • the land based "soul" work of Animas Valley Institute

  • the work of the Pachamama Alliance in partnership with indigenous peoples of the Amazon rainforest

  • the work with myth, storytelling and community based ceremony taught by Michael Meade and Mosaic

  • earth-based wisdom traditions

  • the work of the Conscious Dying Institute

  • my own personal experience with supporting rites of passage, birth, illness, death and transitions

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