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We live in powerful and intense times~in the midst of profound paradigm shifts, systems breakdown, radical climate and ecosystem change, ever-evolving technologies, and extraordinary opportunities to re-imagine our ways of being.  In the midst of this planetary "rite of passage," we are being asked to actively participate in the creation of a new story~in which we discover how to live meaningfully and sustainably with this beautiful and genereous earth. Again and again, we are being shown that it is no longer viable to live an extraction based, petroleum centered, consumer-identified life. We stand at the door of this truth~with so many of us longing to create and sustain lives centered in authentic connection, purpose, "right" livelihood~ in service to the web of Life.  This section of the website is devoted to the creation of this new story, that is, perhaps, the most ancient story we know. May we dream, imagine, vision, re-member, and enact this story in ways that bring joy, beauty, harmony, peace, and justice to all of our relations.  




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