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Organizational & Leadership Consulting develops authentic and meaningful organizational culture through the introduction of heart-centered practices. This work strengthens relationships, collegiality, communication, and the capacity to develop, grow and sustain a shared vision. Consulting work is collaborative, co-creative, experiential and deeply participatory.


Organizational & Leadership Consulting can support:

  • deeper sense of fulfillment and alignment with purpose 

  • creation or refinement of vision and mission 

  • intentional and thriving in-house organizational culture

  • expansion of social and emotional capacities 

  • meaningful and effective relationships, rooted in equity 

  • program development and expansion


Practices may include:

  • deep listening and authentic speaking practices 

  • circle and council work~to support personal and collective visioning and/or engage personal storytelling

  • reflective & centering practices~reflective writing, visioning, guided inquiry, integration of silence, five senses work

  • World Cafe on issues or topics critical to the organization 

  • small and large group guided dialogue

  • symbolic and creative expression

  • community building activities 

  • wilderness-centered explorations 





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