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Soul Guidance sessions support you to engage with your deepest sense of purpose and resourcefully navigate life transitions and passages~identity shifts, illness, birth, death, marriage and partnership, developmental changes (at any age), divorce, and parenthood. We begin with a conversation to uncover core themes and questions and then co-create a roadmap for our work.   


Sessions can include:

  • deep listening and authentic speaking practices

  • council work and "truthtelling" practice

  • healing modalities and body-based inquiry

  • creative exploration and expression

  • reflection, centering practices, and inquiry

  • journey work and active visualization 

  • co-creation of individual or group ceremonies 

  • embodiment and movement work

  • poetry, journaling, and "soul-writing"

  • guided explorations on the land

  • guided conversations with self and other

  • work with mytho-poetic "soul story"~ listening to the deeper strata of your personal story, I support you to explore the relationship between your wounds and gifts, dive into the potent invitations of this particular passage, engage the mystery of the unknown, and cultivate an embodied awareness of your own soul's calling.  We will then ask, what is it to engage with life, to be in sacred reciprocity with life, from here?





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