I offer workshops and journeys that focus on soul passages, women's leadership, healing the masculine and feminine divide(within and without), life transitions, the cultivation of the inner life, council work, and the development of authentic community. 


Workshops weave together potent and heart-centered practices that invite us to consciously engage with our inner and outer lives and form an authentic community of practice together.  Some practices core to this work are: council, "truthtelling", earth based ceremony, journey work, deep listening and authentic speaking, land-based explorations, movement and embodiment practices, centering and reflection, inquiry, poetry and personal writing and other forms of creative expression.  This intensive dive into individual and community work supports us to access wisdom, truth, heartfulness, power, vulnerability, purpose and a sense of deep connection to self, other and the human and more than human world. Check the events page for upcoming offerings or contact me to request facilitation, guiding, or a customized workshop.

Journeys to Ecuador & Peru
March 12-23, 2018: Journey with Pachamama Alliance (inquire for more information)
2018 Journey to Peru 
Personalized Rites of Passage Ceremonies for Individuals & Groups
unique ceremonies for the thresholds of life--including birth, death, puberty, midlife, marriage, divorce, and healing. 
Soul Passages Workshops & Retreats
workshops and retreats to support and honor various life transitions and passages



Current Programs for Women
Lifting the Veils: Walking in your True Beauty
a weekend workshop of ceremony, celebration, and transformation.
Please inquire for 2017 dates