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Women are as diverse and beautiful as the infinite scatter of stars in the sky. And women (as in more than half our earth's population), and in particular women of color and women living in poverty, are still vastly under-represented in political, societal and cultural leadership. And in these times, when our earth is in peril, when our cultural paradigms and stories are falling away, this imbalance is calling out to be addressed. Quite simply, in these times, we desperately need women's presence, vision, action, and leadership.  This project seeks to honor and learn from women's unique perspectives and ways of being and, through partnering and collaboration, to create a more cohesive and brilliant weave of woman-centered action, education, leadership and allyship.  This project also seeks to provide ways for women to come together to share our joys and griefs and to collaborate, co-create and dream together. The wholistic path to leadership includes the nourishment and growth of our inner and outer lives.


This project is inspired by the Sapara women of the Amazon rainforest, who turned to the group of western women they were hosting (myself amongst them) and asked us for partnership and support in protecting their lands, their sovereignty, their way of life.  This project is also inspired by the radiance and power blossoming in the young woman I have worked with over the years~and by the memory of the light in their eyes as they are recognized and witnessed in their passage into womanhood. I have seen again and again how women of different generations benefit from each other's wisdom, guidance and support.  May we re-member together~all of the ways of Women~in service of the Web of Life.





















tending the warp & weave of women's leadership 

tapestry:  a woven cloth of many colors, textures, stories, ways of being

the warp: the Inner Life

the weave:  the Outer Life

the tapestry of women's leadership: the "Whole Cloth" of Women's Wisdom in Action 




This project is dedicated to:

  • cultivating the social and emotional health and capacity in young women leaders through rites of passage work, leadership training, and participation in women's wisdom circles 

  • supporting women's leadership, sovereignty and empowerment through partnerships and community-based action

  • celebrating and honoring diverse expressions of Woman across the world through events, ceremonies, and the arts

  • cultivating wholistic, sustainable and diverse forms of leadership within and amongst women~across generations and borders of race, class, nationality and religion

  • developing women-centered programs and partnerships that bring women together in service of stewarding the earth and all of Life

  • creating contexts for girls and women to engage in intergenerational storytelling and exchange

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